We build fish houses that will last generations...


because we build each one to withstand any lake or landing.

We start our fish houses with a frame built by Minnesota manufacturer, Miltona Blacksmith, that is top of the line. It is thoroughly prepped and then galvanized for lifetime durability; the frame includes a 5-year structural warranty. 

We then install foundation grade treated plywood fastened with screws that are treated to withstand the rigors of the plywood treatment and steel. Our walls are built with select 2x3 pine to allow us to give you an R-11 insulation rating. We top the walls off with a roof sheathed in OSB plywood then wrap that off with a 20-year EPDM roof glued to the base.

The exterior of our houses begins with a layer of house wrap to stop those nor'easters from chilling you to the bone. On top of that we have 2 feet of .063 diamond plate all the way around. We offer two options to finish the sides; ribbed steel, or smooth aluminum.

The windows are quality gas insulated and low-E coated not only protect you from the elements but also to protect your investment.

We can finish your house in an infinite number of ways ranging from a base fish house designed for the nut and bolts type of fisherman to a model with an interior that will satisfy the finest of tastes. 

We build your fish houses right here in Minnesota.


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